I love to humiliate and take men’s money! I am Mistress Sia and as you will no doubt have realized, I am indeed an Afro-Latina woman. I love making men bow down to me and make you my slave. I’ll call you every dirty and ugly name in the book. Let me treat you like the piece of scum you are.

So, if you yearn to be owned by a highly-skilled beautiful Dominatrix with a body worthy of your absolute adoration and a wickedly inventive mind that will delight in teasing and tormenting you to your absolute limits, then you are invited to delve further into My world of sensual Domination and devote yourself entirely to Me.

I have been known to:

  • take over your social media account for a tribute.
  • make submissives mine cryptocurrency for me
  • make you read Malcom X or Black Feminist Theory

Come enjoy this journey with me slave! Send your tribute now!

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